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Starting a Gratitude Journal

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The world can be garbage, and sometimes we put in the work to try to make it better. Life can be challenging, so we work hard to make it more manageable for the people we love. But to take care of the world and the people we love, we have to take care of ourselves. That’s where our “100 Days of Gratitude Journal for Being a Happier, More Positive Mama” comes into the picture.

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I (Punita, blogging here for Happy Mom Guide), started doing an informal gratitude journal this past year and I feel like a healthier me. Then I started designing an actual journal to use. And then realized I’m probably not the only person who wants a gratitude journal like this. So I started coming up with unique prompts (to keep those grateful and creative juices flowing) and started developing this 100 Days of Gratitude Journal for being a Happier and more Positive Mom.

The journal is available as both a print journal (with UNLINED pages, because I’m ~an artiste~) …and also, as an e-book of gratitude prompts if you prefer to use your own notebook or just use your phone, but want all the prompts accessible to you. Plus, both are priced super reasonably on Amazon (here’s the link to the print version and here’s the link to the digital version).

They say it takes three months — 90 days — to make or break a habit; this is 100 days to create a whole new mentality. If you can commit to doing all of these gratitude prompts, you can reveal a happier, more positive version of you.

The 100 Days of Gratitude journal and e-book each have 100 prompts… which means 100 days of gratitude and focusing on the positive. 100 days of focusing on the positive and feeling gratitude is a game changer. 

How to use the 100 Days of Gratitude journal

The print version of the journal is unlined. That means you can unleash your creative freedom and be as structured or artistic as your heart desires. And whatever you want to do is the “right” approach — which means that there’s no right or wrong way to do it!

  • If you like to keep it simple, you might just decide to do your daily gratitude entries in a Dear Diary format
  • …or a a narrative essay format
  • Or you could also just do a bulleted list
  • …or a numbered list
  • You can even draw your answer
  • …or create comics
  • And you could create a chart or other visual

Basically, whatever or however you think and express yourself best, do what works for you. There’s no right or wrong way to do your gratitude practice. 

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And we’ll also be looking for the hashtag #100DaysofGratitudeHMG.

How often should I gratitude journal?

This is a 100 Days of Gratitude journal, and it is meant to be completed daily. If you’re consistent, you’re more likely to form the habit of actually thinking more positively.

And you’ll start to see that impact how your day-to-day thinking shifts. 

What if I skip a day of gratitude journaling?

If you do have to take breaks in between, the next prompt will be right there waiting for you to pick up where you left off.

And if you ever feel stuck, you can always go back to previous prompts, and what you’ve written for them, for inspiration.

Who is this gratitude journal for? 

This is the perfect gratitude journal for learning to become a more positive, thankful person, and focusing on becoming a happier mom. This book is perfect for any mom who wants to become happier and enjoy being a mom more.  

Gift it to someone you love.

Or get it for yourself to become a happier you… form the habit of actually thinking more positively and you’ll start to see that impact how your day-to-day thinking shifts. 

I hope that as you begin your 100 Days of Gratitude journey, you feel inspired, grateful, and full of joy. And I hope you feel, to the core, happy.

Get the 100 Days of Gratitude Journal here or here.

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