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3 of the Best Baby Carriers

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A few days ago, my husband and I were out on a walk with our two kids — our toddler was walking (okay, meandering somewhat aimlessly) alongside us, and I was wearing our younger son in a baby carrier (a Fidella Fly Tai, for the record, though I have a number of baby carriers, including the LILLEbaby Complete, and multiple Baby K’Tans). And I started thinking about how before we became parents, I would probably have never imagined either of us wearing a baby (link to a post all about the benefits of babywearing AND also of bedsharing).

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Admittedly, before we had kids, it’s not like I knew anything about having them. And I definitely knew nothing about how I’d prefer to carry them. But, since becoming a mom, I’ve realized babywearing is a game changer. (BTW, here’s some advice for new moms, and here are some pregnancy essentials.) Read on for some of the best baby carrier 2019 options I’ve found on Amazon.

Best Baby Carrier 2019 Options

3 best baby carriers 2019
3 best baby carriers 2019

If you are a mom (or dad) and you’ve decided you want to wear your baby, below, you’ll find some of my absolute favorite babywearing options, completely based on my own experience. If you have a favorite baby carrier that I haven’t listed here, please comment on this post. And without any further ado, here are my picks for the best baby carrier for 2019.

Overall Best Baby Carrier 2019

The LILLEbaby Complete All-Seasons Ergonomic Baby Carrier
(A comfortable, breathable, EASY to use, full buckle carrier)

OK, this is a long title, but here’s the official title of this baby carrier as listed on Amazon – LILLEbaby The Complete All Seasons SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier, Black – Cotton Baby Carrier, Comfortable and Ergonomic, Multi-Positioning Carrier.

Why we got the LILLEbaby Baby Carrier

Before my second was born, we already had 4 (yes, FOUR) baby carriers already, BUT, I actually requested this baby carrier as a baby sprinkle gift when I was pregnant with my second.

I know that sounds crazy, but bear with me. Of the 4 carriers we already had, I had three Baby K’Tans (review on those later in this post), and one Fidella Fly Tai (though, these are only available through the Fidella website). Of these, however, only one of them was super comfortable for my husband to wear a baby in (one of the three K’Tans).

Especially as a baby gets bigger and heavier, a K’Tan stops being the best baby carrier, and even though I love our Fly Tais, it wasn’t easy for my husband to use. So, I really wanted a baby carrier with a buckle (also sometimes called a “full buckle carrier“) for my husband to do some easy babywearing as our baby got bigger.

In that regard, this baby carrier in 2019 has been incredibly useful… because all year it has made it super easy for my husband to wear our younger son, or even for my mom to easily wear my younger son.

Why the LILLEbaby Complete Baby Carrier is the best baby carrier

In a nutshell, here are all the PROS:

The downsides to the Lillebaby carrier

Ok — now the CONS. Now keep in mind, these are really nitpicky “cons” and most people won’t care about these things. I do, because I’ve tried and used so many baby carriers, so I know my preferences really well.

In fact, after baby #2 arrived, and even though we had five carriers: 3 Baby K’Tans, 1 Fidella Fly Tai, 1 Lillebaby Complete (and a partridge in a pear tree), I actually bought one MORE baby carrier: A second Fidella Fly Tai. (If you’re keeping count, yes, that means we actually had six carriers at one time.)

Anyway, here are the two cons:

First, compared to a Fidella Fly Tai or a Baby K’Tan, a Lillebaby Complete is much larger, and can’t just be rolled up and shoved into a bag easily (although, we’ve taken to just keeping it in our car; I guess it doesn’t always have to be shoved in a bag). Additionally, there is a trick to folding it up and fitting it in a bag. Sara, of Pretty in Pink Mama on YouTube has a video that shows how to pack a Lillebaby.

How to Pack a Lillebaby Complete into a Bag

Second, compared to a Fidella Fly Tai, it’s much “thicker” and heftier on the shoulders (though to be fair, this is because a Lillebaby is padded for COMFORT, so some might consider this a pro).

Also, this isn’t exactly a con, but still a consideration — because it’s a structured carrier, it won’t be as “cozy” like a soft stretchy wrap might be (like the kind I’m describing in the next section). But this may not matter to most people.

Reading that back to myself, it sounds like all in all, the LILLEbaby Complete All-Seasons Ergonomic Baby Carrier is the BEST baby carrier 2019 pick, since it’s comfy, easy to wear, has a full-buckle system, and is BREATHABLE, which makes it comfortable for parent AND baby. It’s my #1 recommendation for babywearing.

My Personal Favorite Baby Carrier

Fidella Fly Tai Baby Carrier (my favorite baby carrier, but not the ideal baby carrier for everyone)
Fidella Fly Tai Baby Carrier (my favorite baby carrier, but not the ideal baby carrier for everyone)

The Fidella Fly Tai
(A soft, comfortable, partial-wrap style carrier)

So, this is kind of in here as a bonus because this is probably not going to be the BEST baby carrier for most people. Yet the Fidella Fly Tai is actually my personal FAVORITE carrier option out of the whole bunch. (It’s the one I’m wearing in the picture in this post about nursing in public.)

Why I love the Fidella Fly Tai

  • It’s comfortable
  • Wrapping it is NOT hard once you get the hang of it
  • It’s versatile and can be used to babywear on the front, hip, or back
  • It comes in beautiful prints and colors
  • It can be rolled up for storage in a bag

Why I don’t recommend the Fidella Fly Tai for everyone

  • It’s fairly expensive (over $100 starting price)
  • It ships from Europe, and not for free or within 2 days
  • No free returns (I’m spoiled by Amazon Prime obviously)
  • It doesn’t have any buckles; it’s a partial Mei-Tai style carrier, so you have to tie the bottom and the top, and it can be tricky to learn how to do it well and do it quickly*

*To that last point, though, I offer that you would get better at it with practice:

“What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.”

Samuel Johnson (probably not in reference to babywearing though)

Let me be clear and once again reiterate that I love the Fidella Fly Tai — so much so that I’ve purchased two of them. But, again, there are reasons it might not be best suited for everyone. Instead, I’d recommend the Lillebaby Complete — or, a Baby K’Tan, like I’ll explain below.

Best Baby Carrier for a Newborn

The Baby K’Tan Baby Wrap
(A soft, stretchy, comfortable, wrap style criss-cross carrier)

We got a Baby K’Tan Baby Wrap, when my first son was only a day or two old. I very quickly fell in love with it, and wore him all the time. I wore him for resting, for going places, while working from home, all the time.

Why the Baby K’Tan Baby Wrap is the best baby carrier 2019 for a newborn or infant

…aka, why we got so many Baby K’Tan Baby Wraps! For those keeping mental notes and trying to figure out how we ended up with 3 Baby K’Tan wraps like I mentioned earlier, here it is: I loved our Baby K’Tan so much that we ended up buying a second Baby K’Tan, in a larger size, for my husband. (If you and your partner are similar in size, you can definitely share a Baby K’Tan, because it’s very stretchy). That brings us to two. I’ll explain how we ended up with 3 after I go over some of the pros. Here are some of the pros:

  • The Baby K’Tan wrap is VERY easy (once you get the hang of it!!)
  • It’s extremely comfortable
  • It can be worn a few different ways for an infant
  • It can be folded or rolled up tightly and fit into a smaller baby bag
  • Less expensive than most structured carriers

In fact, the Baby K’Tan is also the exact kind of baby carrier I’m wearing in this YouTube video (for

Me, on YouTube, talking about the importance of Name Pronunciation in the classroom (while wearing my younger son in a Baby K’Tan!)

The downsides to the Baby K’Tan

  • One downside is that it really stops being comfortable (or, safe, actually) once your baby is heavier — it varies from baby to baby, but after a few months, you’ll have to switch to a different kind of carrier like the Lillebaby carrier)
  • Another downside is that it can get hot in the summer*

*That’s why, when we got closer to the summer, I ended up buying a “Baby K’Tan Active,” which is what it sounds like: it’s basically just like a Baby K’Tan regular, but it’s made with a fabric that’s more suited to being active or outside. This was helpful in the very hot summer months. (That’s also how we ended up with 3 Baby K’Tans.)

So, the first downside, about size, is just part of the package. And you’ll notice you’re no longer comfortable wearing it by the time your baby has “outgrown” it anyway. It just means a Baby K’Tan is best for a BABY.

The other downside, about temperature, can be addressed by purchasing a Baby K’Tan Active. I will say that I preferred having both a regular K’Tan AND an Active K’Tan.

In an ideal world, I’d recommend buying a Baby K’Tan for the early months, AND buying a Lillebaby Complete for all the months that follow.

I liked having one Baby K’Tan (the Active one) in the baby bag, and one at home (the regular K’Tan).

But, if you’re ONLY going to buy ONE baby carrier in 2019…

I’d pick the Lillebaby Complete, since you can wear it from birth through toddlerhood.

I hope this post was helpful! If you thought it was useful, please let us know in the comments below, and click here to get our tinyletter! Also, if you didn’t already know, as a parent, you can get a free 30 day trial for Amazon Family, which is basically Amazon Prime PLUS 20% discounts on diapers and special coupons. You can start an Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial <— by clicking through.

PS – here’s some advice for new moms, and here are some pregnancy essentials.

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