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On Changing Your Name

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If you’re married or getting married, you might be contemplating changing your name after marriage (or not changing your name!). And changing your name after marriage, if it’s something you do plan to do, isn’t the kind of thing anyone should take lightly. It’s a big deal logistically, it can be emotional, it can feel like a political statement, and it …

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20 Pregnancy Essentials (Updated!)

In Pregnancy by Happy Mom Guide Staff

We are expecting our second baby this summer! I am in my second trimester (about 4.5 months pregnant) now, and there are definitely some pregnancy essentials must-haves that I’ve needed the past few months that I’d like to share here in case it benefits anyone else. In this post, I’m also including links to some of the aforementioned essentials (they’re …

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Shopping Recommendations & Suggestions

In Self-Care by Happy Mom Guide Staff

This page is a listing of shopping recommendations and suggestions for items you might want to purchase. Right now, this page includes links to the best baby registry I know of (Amazon Baby Registry, obviously). This page will be constantly updated with other recommendations. This page includes affiliate links. You can read the disclosures and affiliate links policy here. (By …

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Night Weaning My Toddler: How I Night Weaned in 3 Days

In Motherhood by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Hi all. This is a post about night weaning my toddler. I’m sharing this personal story in the hopes that it might help another exhausted or otherwise ready-to-night-wean-mama, because when I was preparing to night wean my son, I found it really helpful to read other mamas’ stories and tips. If you’re a mama contemplating night weaning your toddler, I …

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Yet another “mom blog”

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There are so many existing mom blogs out there. So in the midst of all this internet noise, why another mom blog? Some mom blogs describe the transformative experience of becoming a mother: how it changes you, what it’s like to love your children, how you become somebody new. (#matrescence) Reading these kinds of earnest and thoughtful mom blog posts …