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Why Be a Happy Mom?

In Be Happy, Motherhood, Self-Care by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Have you ever heard the quote, in the end, you’re the only one who can give your kids a happy mom who loves life? It’s actually a variation on a quote from the author Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard, writer of the book Grin & Share It: Raising a Family with a Sense of Humor. In the original quote, it’s phrased in …

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You don’t have to text back right away!

In Be Happy, Self-Care by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Happiness Hack: You don’t have to text people back the second you get a text message. Ever since I became a much, much slower text-responder (motherhood, man), I’ve been thinking about how people tend to assign meaning to the amount of time that passes between their messaging you and your responding. It got me thinking about the ~rules~ around texting …

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Welcome to Happy Mom Guide

In Be Happy, Motherhood by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Being a mom is the greatest blessing and gift. But it can also be hard. Joy as a mom is also a natural part of being a mom, but being a HAPPY MOM, in an ongoing, active and intentional sort of way, can take effort! If you’re new here, first, you may want to read WHY it’s important to be …

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On Changing Your Name

In Be Happy, Marriage by Happy Mom Guide StaffLeave a Comment

If you’re married or getting married, you might be contemplating changing your name after marriage (or not changing your name!). And changing your name after marriage, if it’s something you do plan to do, isn’t the kind of thing anyone should take lightly. It’s a big deal logistically, it can be emotional, it can feel like a political statement, and it …