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Another Baby Book!

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Why a new baby book?

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As previously shared, I put together a new kind of baby book (since the baby books I’d previously come across were not what I was looking for). You can read that original post about the story behind the first baby book I made here. Below is some copy-pasta from the story of that first baby book, “A Story of You” — it all applies for this new baby book too. The new one is called “Watching you Grow.”

When I was filling in a page of my younger son’s baby book one day, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Because what I wanted was to jot down some notes about what my son liked and disliked at age 1… but the baby book had no room allocated for such matters.

Instead, I found myself flipping through ridiculous pages with teeth diagrams and doctor visit records (right, because when my son is an adult, maybe a new parent, reading through the baby book his own mom painstakingly made for him, THAT’S what he’s going to want to read about in his baby book… Exact dates each tooth emerged, and immunization records. WHAT!?).

I basically had to squeeze notes about my son’s favorite books and songs in, next to spots designated for descriptions of his dentist’s office.


There had to be a better way. A baby book should not be full of nonsense.

Instead, a baby book should just focus on the things that matter in the story of your baby (until they’re not a baby anymore… We’ll say that’s at 13, AND NOT AT AGE 5 THANKYOUVERYMUCH, OLD BABY BOOKS!).

A baby book should be a place to record the important stuff from birth until at least 13. And it should be a place to record the memories, celebrations, ans firsts (that can be recorded in an intuitive, chronological order) that matter, without a bunch of clutter.

Enter this new baby book: “Watching You Grow”

Simple Baby Memory Book - Watching You Grow
Simple Baby Memory Book – Watching You Grow

So, since I couldn’t find a baby book that met my needs, I decided to make one, and make it available for other families that hated the existing baby book options.

Both “Watching You Grow” and “A Story of YOU” (the names of the two baby book I’m going to insist are the better path) are the best new baby books for new parents, imo. (Granted, I’m biased.)

This new baby book is simple, and focuses on helping you keep track of the most important stuff from birth to age 13 (when your baby becomes a teen!).

Why “Watching You Grow” and “A Story of YOU” are a new kind of baby book

A better question is, why are so many existing baby books so weird?

Unlike most baby books that include a ton of confusing and unnecessary pages and prompts, this simple baby book gives you what matters: space for recording your baby’s important milestones and favorite things and celebrations and firsts… Without a bunch of filler.

This baby book was designed thoughtfully by a teacher and mom of two (me).

I had previously filled out two different kinds of popular baby books for my kids and through both processes found myself thinking, WHAT EVEN ARE THESE QUESTIONS AND PAGES!?, before eventually designing what I think a baby book should be.

And truth be told, even this baby book might not have exactly what every mom or dad is looking for (it’s not pizza, it can’t please everyone), BUT it comes pretty close.

What’s Inside

Here are some of the kinds of pages in either one of the world’s greatest baby books

  • First days at home with the baby 
  • Memories from the first few weeks
  • Two page spreads for each month of the first year, with room for a picture, and likes/dislikes
  • Fun “about” spreads (to record memories and firsts and information about your child) for EACH year from age 1 to age 13 
  • Birthday celebration pages for every year with a space for a photo 
  • And a page for you to write your child a letter each year

Why you should buy this new baby book (or this other new baby book)

…Seriously, there are no other baby books out there like these. (I know, because I’ve looked.)

This is also probably the perfect baby book for second time parents (first time parents too, definitely, but they might not appreciate just how much better this is, without having suffered through regular baby books first!).

Some of that was a little tongue in cheek but for real: Get this baby book for every expecting mom or dad you know. You’re welcome.

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