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Going from One to Two Kids

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My second child is a few weeks away from turning one, which is so surreal because this has been the fastest and also craziest year of my life so far. This is due, at least in part, to the fact that going from one to two kids is life-changing (maybe not quite as much as going from no kids to one kid, but still). Not only because, hello, new human!, but because going from one to two kids has been a constantly evolving ride. The transition of going from one to two kids impacts people differently — for some moms, …

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You don’t have to text back right away!

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Happiness Hack: You don’t have to text people back the second you get a text message. Ever since I became a much, much slower text-responder (motherhood, man), I’ve been thinking about how people tend to assign meaning to the amount of time that passes between their messaging you and your responding. It got me thinking about the ~rules~ around texting people back quickly.

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You can get out of bed when Mella turns green!

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A few months ago, our 3 year old started climbing out of his bed in the mornings, and running into our room for a snuggle (or less excitingly, to turn on all the lights and demand we start the day immediately). This was fine, except slowly, that visit started to happen earlier. And earlier. and Earlier. Until eventually, it would be almost 4:30 in the morning, and this little person was demanding to start our day. Naturally, I started looking into OK to Wake Clocks (aka Ready to Rise Clocks). If you have kids (toddlers) of a certain age you’ve …

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Welcome to Happy Mom Guide

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Being a mom is the greatest blessing and gift. But it can also be hard. Joy as a mom is also a natural part of being a mom, but being a HAPPY MOM, in an ongoing, active and intentional sort of way, can take effort! If you’re new here, first, you may want to read WHY it’s important to be a happy mom in the first place (and explains what we mean by “happy mom,” and points to the reality that happiness isn’t always easy or accessible to everyone, and that happiness does NOT mean ignoring/hiding negative feelings!!!). For some …

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Skincare as Self-Care

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Since becoming a mom, my definition of self-care has changed. Before kids, self-care could involve entire days (or weekends) devoted to my interests or overall well-being — which might have taken the form of reading books, traveling, shopping, going out, gaming, or any number of fun (if occasionally mindless) activities. But after kids, while free time does still exist (as a work at home mom, it can feel scarce), I find I have to carve out smaller increments of time for self-care. For me, an easy and genuinely enjoyable way of pampering myself, is through my skincare routine. And I’m not alone …

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Technology and Mindfulness

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Does the ease and speed of modern technology decrease mindfulness? That is, does it inhibit us from communicating meaningfully and thoughtfully? Back in the day, when we had to write letters to friends who lived far away, or make infrequent long-distance phone calls to family in other countries, we likely put more thought and care into how (and what) we communicated. Now, we’re instantly connected to everyone, is our communication less mindful? (And does it matter?)

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3 of the Best Baby Carriers

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A few days ago, my husband and I were out on a walk with our two kids — our toddler was walking (okay, meandering somewhat aimlessly) alongside us, and I was wearing our younger son in a baby carrier (a Fidella Fly Tai, for the record, though I have a number of baby carriers, including the LILLEbaby Complete, and multiple Baby K’Tans). And I started thinking about how before we became parents, I would probably have never imagined either of us wearing a baby (link to a post all about the benefits of babywearing AND also of bedsharing). (This post …

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On Having a Baby During your Doctorate in Education

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Recently, a newly pregnant student in the same Doctorate program I graduated from reached out to my friend Dr. Alexandra Murtaugh. (Alexandra previously shared advice for moms here, here, and here). The student was reaching out for guidance in navigating our program through her pregnancy and with a new baby in tow. Alexandra shared some great words of wisdom with her, and also passed the query along to a few other women who became mothers at some point in their doctorate journey — including me, and Dr. Natalie Duvall (who previously wrote about balancing being a mother with being a teacher …

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Empowering Moms by Nursing in Public

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About two weeks ago, I saw neighbor of mine sitting outside on a bench in our community nursing her infant. Publicly. Proudly. Then, last week, for the first time, I nursed my younger son in public myself (without a cover). This was my first time truly nursing in public. I did so using the two-shirt method (top shirt gets pulled up, bottom shirt/nursing tank gets pulled down, baby nurses from between those two), so I was still pretty discreet about it, but it was still a milestone for me in my journey as a nursing mom. While I nursed my older …

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A Good Birth – Processing Childbirth

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A few months ago, I visited Daedalus Books (a giant book warehouse, and maybe one of the coolest places in Maryland, that sadly, closed down recently), and came upon a book called “A Good Birth” by Dr. Anne Drapkin Lyerly. It was convenient that I came across this book, because as we were getting ready to welcome our second child, one of the things I wanted to do to prepare for the experience of giving birth a second time was to reflect on and process, my experience of childbirth the last time around. (And this book was instrumental to that processing). (This post contains affiliate …