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Going from Working Mom to Stay at Home Mom

In Motherhood by Cherie Descorbeth

Ed. note: Cherie Descorbeth went from being a working mom to a stay at home mom, and later back to being a working mom. Like many things in life and motherhood there have been changes and recalibrations. This post was written during the first transition: from working mom to stay at home mom. At that time, she shared that “becoming a stay-at-home mom is almost as life-changing as becoming a mom in the first place.” Like other working moms who decide to become stay at home moms, Cherie transitioned from being a working mom (for almost three years), to becoming …

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An Overview of Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate

In Pregnancy by Happy Mom Guide StaffLeave a Comment

In this country, if you’re in academia, you might meet folks who talk about and treat being pregnant as a debilitating condition. Even though times have changed, and who gets to say #ilooklikeaprofessor has changed, academia is still dominated by men, and/or women who ascribe to some outdated and unfortunate attitudes about sexism, pregnancy, motherhood, and what a woman can do when she’s pregnant or has a child. This attitude is so prevalent that expectant mothers (but not expectant fathers) in academia might face a “baby penalty” that can severely hurt their careers. Mommas in academia (shoutout to Mama, PhD) face unique challenges, …

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Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate? (How to Decide)

In Motherhood, Pregnancy by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Are you trying to answer the question “Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate?” (If you’ve already answered it, and are pregnant during your doctorate, here’s a post about having a baby during your doctorate!). I can’t speak for everyone’s experience, obviously, but I can share my thoughts based on my own experience of being pregnant while pursuing my doctorate. These are some situations that might make being pregnant while pursuing your doctorate a bad combination. If you’re interested, read on…