Happiness literally requires nothing. But below you’ll find recommendations, resources, downloads, and/or links we that might be useful on the journey. Think of them as happiness recommendations that exist at the intersection of life optimization and capitalism πŸ™‚

Happy Mom Guide Book Club

*If you don’t already have Audible, you can get two free books through this link.

More Happy Mom Guide links:

  • Audible Plus β€“ Get a free trial of Audible and listen to audiobooks. I started listening to audiobooks after having Kid#1, and just never stopped. (As a bonus, it’s gotten my kids used to having insane amounts of words wash over them, and I am sure it’s not entirely responsible, but they do both have insane vocabularies.)
  • 30-Day Free Trial of Amazon Prime β€“ What it sounds like – 30 free days of Amazon Prime if you don’t already have it.

Misc Happy Mom Guide recommendations

Invest like a mother. SoFi Invest β€“  Open an Active Investing account with $1,000 or more and get $50 in Stock