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This page is a listing of shopping recommendations and suggestions for items you might want to purchase. Right now, this page includes links to the best baby registry I know of (Amazon Baby Registry, obviously). This page will be constantly updated with other recommendations.

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Reading List for Moms

Best Baby Registry

Below are some of our favorite items for moms and/or babies. This listing will continually be updated.

Amazon Baby Registry lets you keep everything organized in one place. Like their wedding registry, the Baby Registry lets you put everything in one place including from other websites.

The second time around, we didn’t need much in the first place, but it was still useful to have a single destination to consolidate everything we did need (mostly diapers!) So my #1 recommendation for shopping for Baby Needs (for anyone in your family or group of friends who wants to give you something) would be to set up an Amazon Baby Registry.

Punita Rice, on expecting baby #2

(Psst – you can read a list of 20 Pregnancy Essentials here, or scroll down for more info).

Best Pregnancy Essentials

I’ve previously put together an entire post on pregnancy must-haves, called “20 Pregnancy Essentials (Updated!),” which was my compilation / list of things you need for pregnancy or might want to have. The first 10 items on the list were things I felt were essential, and the next 10 were other moms’ favorite pregnancy items.

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