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Yet another “mom blog”

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There are so many existing mom blogs out there. So in the midst of all this internet noise, why another mom blog?

Some mom blogs describe the transformative experience of becoming a mother: how it changes you, what it’s like to love your children, how you become somebody new. (#matrescence) Reading these kinds of earnest and thoughtful mom blog posts can make you feel seen, and connected, and can make you smile from your heart because you feel so seen.

Other mom blogs talk about the darker sides of being a mother: the witching hour, the entire toddlerhood period, trying to get your kid to stop screaming at Target. Reading these kinds of vulnerable and real mom blog posts can make you feel comforted, and validated, and can make you cry into your beer because you just feel so relieved you’re not the only one.

But a lot of “mom blogs” don’t really say or do much at all, let alone make you feel any type of way.

Far from labors of love or creative outlets or even open diaries (shout out to the moms who were also former angsty teens and had OpenDiary accounts! aaaay! …Anyone? kbye.), a lot of the “MOM BLOGS” that show up when you Google related search terms are actually just SEO traps, traffic temptresses, clickbait tricksters… whatever you want to call them, they’re not actual sites. Meaning a lot of “mom blogs” are actually just “faux content” sites meant to drive traffic based on nonsense / low-effort (or even outsourced to non-moms!) content, with the end goal of earning ad or affiliate revenue, and not really doing much else. (You know what I’m talking about — you click on a page and it’s in jumbled English that feels like a robot made it).

I’m not trying to insist that most mom blogs are run by bots. Because while I have a bit of Charlie in me, I do believe there are an insane number of actual people who have something to say (even if it’s low effort!). Buuuut, I’m not not saying a lot of mom blogs are the equivalent of bot sites.

Before I jump into the deep end here, let me say that I know there are a lot of actual mom blogs that just aren’t high quality/effort, and I have ZERO PROBLEM WITH THESE, so don’t @ me. In general, I have no problem with more options on the internet.

(And anyway, I think everyone has something useful to contribute and/or to say. And this is especially true when it comes to a powerful lived experience like motherhood. Mom blogs are important because they represent the voices of MOTHERS. And mothers are amazing. And mothers who are sharing their experiences online, so that we can all learn from one another, and feel more connected to each other, and therefore less alone and isolated in our experiences of matrescence and of parenting… well, those mothers are doing something important. So hearing their voices, stories, etc. is also important and often worth it.)

BUT — NOT ALL OF THE MOM BLOGS ARE EVEN ACTUALLY BLOGS OF MOMS! I think lot of the “mom blogs” that are cropping up lately are actually robot run FAUX Mom Blogs. And in some cases, even if they’re not really robot run, they’re not really blogs for moms and/or just provide minimal effort SEO grab posts.

…That said, not all Mom Blogs are really ~contributing~ to the conversation because a lot of them really are just SEO-trap style sites. Like, super optimized to pull traffic, set up by people who obviously know how to rank for a desired keyword, and are therefore able to get a ton of pageviews, and therefore ad revenue and even affiliate revenue. And to be fair, while I’m very much still a baby when it comes to mastering SEO, this is a skillset I myself am trying to build, so yes, this does have tones of pot/kettle-ness. However, my issue is really with the result that comes of the existence of all these faux mom blogs:


Mom Blogs and Internet Noise

In fact, in recent years, it feels like there’s so much NOISE on the internet to cut through, especially SEO-first type blogs that focus more on traffic than on content (no shade, I respect the hustle). A lot of it is really just noise. But through that noise, there are a handful of really, genuinely earnest voices that are worth listening to… but they’re not always ranked because they’re often the voices of writers — not web developers — so we don’t always find those.

I’m not even really mad about it! I RESPECT THE HUSTLE. But I am pointing it out: not all Mom Blogs are really blogs about being a mom. And not all of them really exist to intentionally explore the experiences of motherhood. And really, that’s fine. It’s just that search works in a particular way, and the existence of a lot of low-effort, low-quality, but highly ranked Mom Blogs means it’s sometimes easier to stumble onto a website that’s mostly “noise.”

For example, though it was a long and windy road, I recently found some blog posts by some mom bloggers / writers that I loved (one of which is a blogger and author named Shannon, from Australia, who blogs — albeit infrequently — at And they happened to be on websites that are very, very much not first-page-of-Google-search-results.


Instead we find the blogs written by people who aren’t necessarily trying to contribute to a conversation in a meaningful way, but are just trying to drive traffic to their sites. Or they’re just bots making faux content mom blogs.

Sidenote: TO BE CLEAR, salesmanship or SEO-awareness are NOT indicators that the voice behind the blog is less earnest! And inversely, having a terrible website and ranking poorly because you don’t know how search works doesn’t automatically mean you’re a good writer. 🙂

So Why ANOTHER Mom Blog?

So, right. Why another mom blog to add to aforementioned noise?

ESPECIALLY since I have every intention of trying to generate some blog income here through exactly what I mentioned above (i.e. working on SEO, trying to generate income and increase traffic etc)?

Actually, I don’t really have an answer.

I’m starting this blog to write about my own journey to be a happier mom (listen, sometimes being a stay at home mom is hard, and I have to work at keeping my sanity through motherhood!). And I want a designated place to jot down some of my own thoughts about motherhood.

MORE THAN THAT, I want to have a space where I can write about the journey towards being a HAPPY mom.

And sometimes, MAYBE it’ll be lower-effort and lower-quality than I’d like. (And I’ll be contributing to the internet noise in those cases.)

But it’s fine, because I’m a mom, and sometimes, I’m tired.

(but at least I’m not a bot!).

PS – Here’s a Facebook group for moms who want to connect with other moms dedicated to being happier. You can join it here.

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